Covering David Bowie

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About abohemiansrhapsody

I'm a post-modernist hippie, born about 40 years too late. I have a tearing need to not only air my views, but constantly have intelligent discussions around me. I'm ridiculously passionate about writing, poetry,and my music, and pretty crazy overall. I am primarily in love with The Beatles, Queen and David Bowie, and am one of the most insane,but hopefully fun people, you'll ever meet. I love to sing, and play the piano and a bit of guitar. I also love taking photos. Of anything and everything. A dog on the street,a panhandler, a piece of trash. Whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes. You can find my short stories and other general musings at: My photography and poetry at: And my music at:

4 responses to “Covering David Bowie”

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann says :

    Well excellent voice.. should look in the cam and sing :)
    all the best

    i have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but i am terrible at it

    • abohemiansrhapsody says :

      haha, thanks so much! Really appreciate it!

      Learning the guitar’s not that difficult, and I’m sure you’re not terrible at it! There are lots of basic guitars on the market, and there are Youtube tutorials, CDs and books you could pick up to help you. Good luck with that =)

  2. anthony Keller says :

    You are very talented. Keep it up!

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