18 Again.

I’ve written very recently about genitalia (my article on labiaplasties here), and here’s another little article for you, one about a product that claims to be about the ‘feel’ and not the ‘look’.

What now seems like many, many years ago, Madonna sang that she felt ‘like a virgin, touched for the very first time’.   Couple years later, the genius Weird Al Yankovic parodied this and made ‘Like a Surgeon’. Both of these are relevant to this issue. First, watch this lovely, lovely ad, which is a masterpiece, even more romantic than the Raymond’s ads with random hot twirly dancing couples.

Once you’ve gotten over that (which may take a while), let’s talk virginity. By ’18’, these people are implying ‘young’, ‘fresh’, ‘tight’, ‘virginal’. First off – for some reason, in India, virginity is an ‘asset’, something to be prized, a ‘gift’ to be given to the future husband – I must remind you, of course, that for these people, the guy’s virginity doesn’t matter at all – virginity =tight hymen. So many people write into ‘ask the Sexpert’ columns (yes, I shall refer to them continually because they need to be referred to) asking Mr. Sexpert WHY their ‘wife didn’t bleed on their wedding night’. I remember reading one that said he ‘felt cheated becausemy wife is not a virgin’. Cheated of what, exactly?

To begin with, I think the concept of ‘arranged marriage’ is disgusting. It makes me want to throw up, hit someone, murder somebody else, and all of those simultaneously. Get married IF YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE AND WANT TO GET MARRIED, not because you’re ‘of a certain age’ and need to prove something to the world (and in the process, to yourself). It is NOT important to find someone to saddle yourself with – if you crave companionship so much, find a friend. Date. If you don’t want to, find a friend with whom you are mutually agreeable to having sex. Have protected sex with a prostitute if you must. But for a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Indian men, getting married merely implies access to regular sex. That is NOT what a marriage is for, (except to these people).

Before I rant any more, let us discuss the actual advert. A woman, who looks to be only 30, is hanging out with her husband, in their fancy, open Indian style home. Like a ‘dutiful bahu’, she brings hubby dearest his dabba for the day. The in-laws are there too, doing in-law stuff. What I’m assuming are husband’s little brother and sister are on deck, too.

Suddenly, the woman begins to dance (inexplicably, the flamenco, which has naff all to do with India anyway). A soundtrack begins to play in the background – what is supposed to sound like flamenco guitar, while a woman makes oohs and aahs and other (what the makers of the ad think are) sex sounds while singing “I feel like a virgin”.

No, it is not in tune.

They begin to dance as she ‘tickles’ him and sings, and the creepy little brother begins to record this courtesy the camera on his cell phone. They then dance whatever their dance is around their compound and he lifts her romantically and dips her.

“Feels like the very first ti-i-ime”, the singer croons, lustily.

The dancing finally comes to an end, as does the ad, with mother- and –father in-law at a computer, MIL going clickety-clack at the keyboard – “18 again dot com?”. They grin at each other, and then an announcer comes on and in the same lusty, whispery voice tells you what the product is, which is (or at least claims to be) a ‘vaginal rejuvenating gel’.

I’m not sure what the scientific credibility of that statement is, but in all likelihood, it is marketed, useless spiel, like all the other ‘rejuvenating’ rubbish in the market that promises to ‘erase laugh lines’ and ‘make wrinkles disappear’. Our society (all over the world, not just in any one country) seems to think ageing is the worst possible thing that could happen. It’s not natural to age, is it? Must. Fight. Urge. To. Inject. All. Sorts. Of. Crap. Into. Face. Lest. I. Look.My.Age. What is wrong, exactly, with looking however old you are? I look at it as an extension of some constant, innate desire to feel attractive to everyone else, when what really matters is being attractive to YOURSELF. But of course, that is never enough.

The company claims the product is to help women experience better sex. Obviously, the only way for her to do that is to ‘tighten’ her lady parts, not by any extra effort on the part of the man. No, the way to remedy sexual issues is not by going to a sexologist/andrologist/gynaecologist, but by buying something they advertise (and rather badly so) on television. What this brought to mind was the fact that we so badly need sex education in India, but our lovely higher-ups in the government seem to think that this will make us imbibe ‘western culture’ (a term that angers me immensely, what is Indian culture anyway??An article on this soon) and ‘make young children sexually promiscuous’. That’s like saying if you were to send a teenager to a driving school, they’d crash the car. If anything, sex ed classes would help them understand sex better, and then have it only when they are mentally and physically ready, as opposed to becoming sexually active to be ‘cool’, or trying to fit in because being a virgin is not what ‘popular’ people do. I have seen children as young as 12 and 13 bragging on Facebook about their sexual prowess and conquests. Incredibly weird.

At an age where their bodies are only just beginning to mature, I wonder how physically ready they really are. The really sad thing is that they grow up this way, learning their ‘moves’ from porn, which we ALL know is of course completely realistic, right?

So instead of having 30-plus-year-old men write in with puerile, borderline insane queries about their wives’ virginity (or lack thereof), maybe we could educate young kids so they don’t grow up into the sort of idiot that would buy into the ideal of an ’18 Again’ cream.

The product makers claim they’re ‘breaking new ground’ by being willing to talk about ‘women’s intimate health’. No sir or madam, you are not. Just like the morons who marketed the ‘intimate wash’ by saying it was a ‘fairness treatment’ for your nether regions (more on my views on fairness here).

If we go by today’s average Indian 18-year-old, being ’18 Again’ simply means being completely unaware of sex, intercourse, foreplay, or even what real genitals *look* like, but doing it because you think you’re cool.

But hey, the shoe fits.

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9 responses to “18 Again.”

  1. Indian Homemaker says :

    Brilliantly put!! Shared.

  2. scribblehappy says :

    Brilliant!! Loved this !! Am off now to read your post on fairness 🙂

  3. Bikramjit Singh Mann says :

    what makes me laugh is that most of the en who want a virgin wife, have themselves been snooping around before the marriage.. dont they think they are taking the virginity of the girl .. who will later get married ..

    indeed sex education need to be a priority in our nation i think

    brilliant post

  4. Ryan_Chief says :

    I love how you trick yourself into thinking you’re so far ahead of the curve and so brilliantly educated/civilized that you feel the need to protect and defend women from across the globe participating in a tradition the defines their culture almost as much as their religion.
    First of all you automatically assume that everyone involved in an arranged marriage is doing so JUST to prove something to to the world, yet in the SAME SENTENCE, you acknowledge that they may be proving something to themselves simultaneously. However, in your twisted self-important feminist opinion (I guess you refer to it as your “humble opinion”) the fact that she isn’t doing this -entirely- for herself completely negates any self worth she’s allowed to get from her arranged marriage.
    I’m glad you’re here for these women, telling them what they should and should not be proud of, especially when you have ZERO knowledge of life in their country.
    I know it may surprise you, but not all people respect the way people think in our culture. This “free spirit” and freedom of choice ideal is fine and dandy for us, but how dare you decide what is right for other people while masquerading as a fighter for justice and what is ‘right’. Right by -your- standards anyway.

    How would you respond to a girl in India posting about how she’s:
    “tired of all these ‘trampy’ ‘slutty’ Western girls running around having sex with whoever they want! It’s disgusting, the idea that they don’t want to save themselves for their man and their marriage makes me sick! I can’t believe that any of those guys in that society even bothers with those worthless whores.”

    Because that’s basically what you’re doing to them, for those girls that agree with you, that’s perfect for them. I hope they manage to rise above and live their lives for themselves instead of constantly worrying about appeasing their man; but for the girls that are proud of their culture and heritage I hope you realize how stupid you sound. Another case of the Western whites “civilizing” another country.

    • abohemiansrhapsody says :

      Alright – first off – not a fan of religion, and ‘culture’ is a very, very ambiguous term.

      Second: “especially when you have ZERO knowledge of life in their country.” – I AM from their country- I’m Indian myself.

      Again, I reiterate. ‘Culture’ and ‘heritage’ are two very nebulous terms, and the words ‘Indian Culture’ and ‘Western Culture’ have been beaten to death and then some, by various politicians here. I don’t think there is a definition to either of those terms. Seeing as that is what I believe, I agree with absolutely 0% of what you’ve just said, which makes you also sound like a ranting, screaming child.

      As you have, by now, realised, I’m not a ‘Western White ”civilizing” another country’- but an Indian woman myself.

      P.S – According to you, if I haven’t lived it, I have no right to comment. Seeing as your name says ‘Ryan’, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re a man, in which case you have NO idea what it is like to be a woman, so by your own logic, your comment is invalid. Thank you and have a good day.

    • abohemiansrhapsody says :

      First off, I’m against religion as a concept. Second, I think ‘culture’ itself is a very, very ambiguous term. It’s one of those hackneyed phrases that has now lost all meaning.

      Please, explain to me where I’m saying people get into arranged marriages just to prove something- lots and LOTS of them are forced into them by their families.

      ” I’m glad you’re here for these women, telling them what they should and should not be proud of, especially when you have ZERO knowledge of life in their country.” – Maybe you should do a bit of digging before you take potshots – I am an Indian woman myself, and I live in India. So all that stuff about ‘not knowing what it’s like’, and passing judgement on another culture? Yeah, that ceases to be valid, now, doesn’t it?

      ‘Western culture’/’paschimi sabhyata’ vs. Indian Culture is a theme that has been bandied about and done to death by every single politician in this country, and it’s all bollocks. Please, examine all the rape cases you see everyday, and tell me, does that fit your definition of what qualifies for culture or not?

      I’m not being judgemental of any women in particular, just the advertisement itself. You, however, are being judgemental in your hypothetical comment about ‘slutty, trampy’ women.

      By your logic, if I haven’t lived it firsthand, I have no right to have an opinion about it. Seeing as your name is Ryan, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re a man, in which case, by YOUR logic, you don’t have the right genitals to have an opinion on this at all.

      And I’m sure you’ve realised this already, but I’m not a ‘Western white’.

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