Tips for Chetan Bhagat… (Just for fun.)

The crème de la crème of Indian authors, the cat’s meow, the cream of the crop, the bee’s knees, that literary genius, that proselytising Twitter guru, that magician with his words, Chetan Bhagat, has recently made a wonderful video for (possibly the world’s most well known matrimonial website [ugh]), where he lists tips for the site’s founder, who recently got married himself.

For a little bit of a background, watch this

The guru of gurus, the unrecognised (but clearly deserving) head of MENSA, is now dishing out tips for a successful marriage.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber 1

“Just Say What She Wants to Hear”

In this tip, he talks about how choices, with women, are not really choices. you just have to guess which ones they like. WOW, Chetan Bhagat. I speak for all women when I say you are really, truly the most amazingly perceptive man in the entire universe. How did you know all women were not really human, just completely irrational, two-faced vagina-toting humanoids incapable of normal thought processes like men are? Poor ol’ us.  ‘North Indian, South Indian’, we’re all the same.  He talks about choices between A and B as being like computer programs, which  solve problems ‘based on applying criteria’. What are those, Mr. Bhagat? Programming? Criteria??? You’ve lost us poor stupid women already!

It’s not about finding A or B, Chetan. It’s about finding, to quote a certain Red Forman, my foot in your ass.

P.S – You know what *I* really want to hear? That Chetan Bhagat has given up writing and/or a public existence for good. I will wait for that day and I will celebrate it.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber2

Remember Anniversaries, She Will Forget Your Sins”

Here he talks about remembering anniversaries, something I am not a fan of. You celebrate if you feel the need to celebrate, and don’t if you don’t. If the day means something to you then let it.  I fail completely to understand why ‘forgetting’ a day makes you a bad spouse/partner, and if that is one of your criteria in deciding whether you should be nice to your partner or not, you are a horrible partner yourself.

He instructs all men to ‘remember their in-laws’ birthdays. But he doesn’t stop there, taking it a step further instead.  He asks that most wondrous of all beings, men, to ‘be the first one to call your mother-in-law’ on her birthday, and then ask your spouse/partner why they haven’t wished their parent yet. Of course, these birthday wishes are not birthday wishes, but leverage that you can use when you’re ‘in the doghouse’, so to speak.

If you happen to be friendly with your spouse’s parent/s, then you wish them because you know them and you want to fucking wish them happy birthday. Not as ‘OMG I WISHED HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW I’M OFF THE HOOK’. Dear Chetan Bhagat, as much as your writing and behaviour make it seem like it, you are not five years old.

P.S – As far as being ‘woken up at midnight by Chetan Bhagat’ goes, I’d probably just tell myself I’m having an incredibly horrible nightmare and go back to sleep.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber3

“Do not give an opinion, merely endorse”

According to Mr. Bhagat, if one of us ‘lil ol’ ladies asks a man for an opinion on an item of clothing, we’re not asking for an opinion at all. We are obviously too weak to handle honesty and truthful viewpoints, so all we want and need is positive reinforcement from men (of course we do, how in heaven’s name would we live without it?).

It is absolutely telling that the whole ‘Do I look Fat’ scenario is limited to women. That, dear Chetan (or do you prefer Chetanji?) is a product of our stupid, patriarchal society where men can look whatever they look like and be successful in a field that focuses exclusively on appearance (the movies, for example) but women, in day-to-day-life, need to be suspended in a bubble of self-doubt, in a constant state of worry as to whether they look fat or not. Health matters whether you are male or female – how you look should not matter at all, but unfortunately for the world, and consequently to women themselves, a bulge here, a fold there, is absolutely unsightly and should be banished immediately, by whatever means possible. Women are meant to be pretty little fairies with no opinion, no cranial ability, and no life beyond men and serving them, aren’t they, Mr. Bhagat? And their lives invalidated without said ‘endorsement’ from men? Poor us. Also, we look at other women who are prettier than us and begin to hate them immediately. How did YOU know, Chetan Bhagat, that women cannot look at other human beings the way men do, rationally, and consider their abilities and strengths as independent aspects of their personalities? I’m so glad you’re around to teach me the ways of my kind.

P.S – Chetan Bhagat likes to make jokes about women’s insecurities with their appearances. I’d make a joke about Chetan Bhagat’s appearance but that video speaks for itself.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber4

“Warning – she follows you on Twitter”

This takes off from Shitty Tip Number 3, which is all about female insecurities. While body image issues are, unfortunately, a reality, Chetan Bhagat brings us his own version of female insecurities, which have to do with men calling other women attractive. According to him, the moment a man compliments a woman, it is grounds for the wife to ‘put her husband in the doghouse’. In Chetan-land (or Bhagat-world, if you prefer), not only are women completely devoid of self-confidence or self-belief, but men are not supposed to have opinions either, unless they want to regret them all their lives.

For SHAME. How dare any being have an opinion on another human being right? And of course, said opinion necessarily means you like that human better, no? Like a little child’s mother complimenting another child, which necessarily means she loves that child more than her own.

P.S – Gentle reminder, Mr. Bhagat. YOU ARE NOT FIVE YEARS OLD.

P.P.S – Sexism works both ways, and you’ve just illustrated that extremely succinctly. Thank you.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber5

“Show your support. Like all her Facebook updates”

He says this is a ‘tip for a modern marriage’. ‘You must like all the pictures, silly rants, stupid things’ your spouse posts on Facebook.

I’m all for social media. I’m doing a degree in media. I do NOT, like most other people, believe it has a damn thing to with somebody’s feelings towards me.  If your love, or the security of that love, is predicated on a ‘like’ or a retweet,  you’re in an incredibly shitty, insecure relationship. I do think every one of the last few points is predicated on Chetan Bhagat’s assumption that women are insecure, and that is the most important aspect of their existence. Women are insecure beings that cannot survive without male validation – it is THIS male validation, of course, that validates not only their looks and figures but their very existence. Yes. That’s all the vagina-ovary bearers of the world need, Mr. Bhagat, to ‘keep us happy’, because we need to be ‘kept’ happy. Facebook likes. This man has all the answers, people!!

P.S – When you say the rants are ‘never stupid, always profound’, you’re obviously not talking about yourself, you fucking moron.

P.P.S – your ideas are anything but ‘modern’.

Chetan Bhagat’s #ShittyTipNumber6

“You might be the boss in the office.. She is the boss at home!!”

So according to Satan…oops, Chetan, the days of performance reviews are over. You are now not the reviewer, but the reviewed. This review will not be an annual one like the rugged menfolk are used to, but a daily one, nay, an hourly one, nay, a minute-to-minute review, based on the clothes you wear, how you sit and stand, your appearance, things that the rest of us would find trivial but Saint Bhagat tells us are the criteria for judgement.

Who ever thought a marriage/relationship was a partnership between two equals, right? It’s supposed to be about one dominating the other, browbeating them into submission and having them follow their every word. It’s not like it’s supposed to be a symbiotic thing, with both people contributing to conversations, discussions, finances, the relationship itself. It isn’t supposed to be an environment where two people feel comfortable enough to air their opinions and are able to discuss their problems and lay them bare as they are. It is about submission, complete submission. Men and women are not MADE to be equal, right, Mr. Bhagat? Relationships and marriages only ever work when one partner dominates.

I think we should all just listen to Chetan Bhagat when he says ‘Seriously, you’re not supposed to be listening to this. Bye bye, take care.’ If you truly DO care about yourself and your sanity, do not watch that video.

My condolences to Chetan Bhagat’s readers and fans (male, female or otherwise) for being utterly brainless, and commiserations to his wife for being married to a sexist, male chauvinist pig, paperback-writing hack with no visible redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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16 responses to “Tips for Chetan Bhagat… (Just for fun.)”

  1. Carvaka says :

    Wow, Satan Bhagat indeed! Excellent post. I particularly love (not!) “You might be the boss in the office.. She is the boss at home!!”. Isn’t his wife a COO or something? Doesn’t that make her the boss in the office too? Remember his ‘it’s ok if she doesn’t make hot chapatis’ piece? *shudder*

  2. akhimlyngdoh says :

    The tips 2, 3 and 4 are something I’ve learned by trial and error from my personal experiences with women. They are one of the basics of diplomacy in long term relationships.

    I can see that the tongue-in-cheek hyperbole got the heckles of your feminist indignation – it puts women in a ‘less than perfect’ sheen and on par with men (who are usually the ones blamed for being ‘insensitive clods’ – usually when they say honest things, rather than what she wants to hear).

    • abohemiansrhapsody says :

      Are you crappy in dealing with women, or have you just found very shallow people to deal with? All the women I know are fine with opinions whether positive or negative. We ARE sentient, thinking human beings, you know.

      There’s tongue-in-cheek hyperbole and then there’s just being an MCP. I think Chetan Bhagat falls firmly into the latter category. (From everything he has said in the past.)

      I don’t think of women as perfect beings. I don’t think of ANY human, for that matter, as a ‘perfect being’. All that nonsense about ‘women being portrayed on par with men..less than perfect sheen’ is just that. Nonsense. It’s not a competition between men and women. Life isn’t. Feminism specifically is about giving them equal rights, not pitting one against the other.

    • Carvaka says :

      I’m sure there are men for whom 2, 3 and 4 applies too. The twitter thing is funny because I know women whose boyfriends demand their social media passwords. I’m sure some women do it too. It’s not a gender dependant thing.

    • akhimlyngdoh says :

      @ abhoemianrhapsody
      There isn’t anything in Chetan Bhagat’s video to suggest or even imply that women AREN’T thinking and sentient human beings. He simply offered some tongue-in-cheek ‘survival tips’ for men to survive marriages, that has been pulled out of context by indignant and self-satisfied

      Chetan Bhagat’s tips imply that in marriages and close relationships, women are as egoistic, opinionated, self-centered, possessive and as control freak AS MEN TEND TO BE. A mean human trait, that generations of women have attributed to men, while putting themselves on the pedestal of being above all that.

      Women tend to be rational and more willing to digest our honest opinion of them when the relationship is platonic, just like men. And just like men tend to be, women aren’t too kind when their husband/partner/boyfriend confesses his honesty about something she doesn’t want to hear. Like a man telling his girlfriend that while he finds her appealing sexually, she doesn’t have what he wants in a woman to have a relationship with. (“That bastard! He cares only about her body!”) Or a husband telling his wife that it isn’t the dress that makes her look fat, its the lard she gained over the years. (“How shallow! Shouldn’t he love me for who I am?”) Or the mere implication that remembering all those ‘little things’ that she obsesses about, like anniversary dates, is not a priority for him. (“The idiot! He doesn’t even care about my feelings!”)

      About being ‘crappy dealing with women’, thanks for the veiled personal attack. It made me laugh. You proved my point – you can’t take a critique without getting personal. And we’re not even dating.

  3. DewdropDream says :

    But … but … !

    I don’t have a Facebook account which means partner cannot like every update …

    We’re doomed aren’t we?

    P.S: Do you have a favourite Bowie track?

    • abohemiansrhapsody says :

      OH my god!!! No Facebook account? That means a divorce is in the offing! SO Doomed.

      Haha, the Beatles are actually my favourite band, Bowie is Number 2. I DO in fact have a favourite Bowie track. (Actually, I’m not sure, there are a whole bunch of them.) Life on Mars, Space Oddity, Aladdin Sane, Lady Stardust, The Bewlay Brothers, Quicksand, Kooks (this could take a while). Favourite albums are Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and Aladdin Sane.

      [Not the answer you wanted, I’m sure. But I do love the man.]

  4. Thumbelina says :

    Ah. A Kindred Spirit.

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